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WineSafe - The secure home for your wine

About WineSafe

WineSafe® is an independent Limited Company set up specifically for the storage and management of fine wine reserves. It has been created for the benefit of Davis Bell McCraith's customers and other wine collectors. It is an entirely separate company and not a subsidiary of Davis Bell McCraith.

WineSafe® does not own or trade wine. Its only liabilities are those associated with storage of wine and spirits. WineSafe has been set up as a separate Limited Company with the sole intention of giving clients added protection for their fine wines.

Wines are stored in the underground vaults at Octavian, Corsham, Wiltshire - the premier storage facility for fine wine in the UK. The wines are stored in a deep underground cavern where the temperature and humidity is strictly controlled at all times.

All wines are insured at replacement value.

If you are interested in protecting your fine wines and storing them with WineSafe®, please call 01275 434980 or click on the Request an Account box on the home page.

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